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Longevity International is a social enterprise bringing together start-ups, industry, academic and governmental stakeholders under one umbrella to provide a unified voice and coordinating vehicle for positive discourse and change to ensure the ‘longevity dividend’ is accessible to everyone. We are the secretariat for the All Party Parliamentary Group for Longevity in the UK.

Ageing represents a problem through a deficit-model lens- but could be one of the most promising opportunities of the 21st century if managed through an asset-based paradigm. The UK Government stands to either suffer or benefit from the growing ageing demographic shift or ‘Silver Tsunami’, depending on how it responds.   Failure to reformulate the fundamental ways in which it deals with societal ageing will result in the government continuing to shoulder a growing economic burden.  However, if it can achieve a shift in healthcare from treatment to prevention (including use of genomics and advanced biomedicine), support positive ‘age-tech’ that meets citizens’ aspirations for a longer life, and keep the working population fit and functional for longer, the UK can turn a looming economic bust into a thriving socioeconomic boom, delivering increased healthspan, a growing national GDP and better health and wealth for its citizens.

Longevity News

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Ageing population ‘an opportunity, not a problem’ say MPs

7 May 2019


How To Live This Life Better: Effective Altruism In The Context Of Longevity

20 February 2019

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Ageing population creates opportunity, say MPs

7 May 2019


'Age-Tech': The Next Frontier Market For Technology Disruption

1 February 2019

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Lessons on Longevity: What the East Can Teach the West to Harness the 'Longevity Dividend'

19 April 2019


'Longevity' Could Reach Billions In 2019 - And Is No Longer Just The Preserve of Billionaires

11 January 2019


 Our first geographic focus is the UK

The UK is a global leader in life sciences, financial services, and technology and the UK Government has made substantial economic and policy commitments in the area of healthy ageing.


A number of organisations have joined forces to support Longevity International.  Together these organisations represent the cutting edge of research, policy and innovation in healthy longevity.

Founding Partners

Biogerontology Research Foundation

The Biogerontology Research Foundation has been constituted as a charity in the UK to support the application of our knowledge of the mechanisms of ageing to the relief of disability, suffering and disease in old age. In 2017 the BGRF forged a partnership with the Oxford University Scientific Society (OUSS) to jointly engage in and support ageing research-oriented public outreach and education activities within Oxford University, including the release of the Longevity Podcast by BGRF Director of Public Outreach and Education and OUSS President Jack Stefaniak, featuring analysis of the latest research in geroscience and interviews with the field’s key thought leaders.


ARK (Ageing Research at King’s College London)

Ageing Research at King's (ARK) is a cross-faculty multidisciplinary consortium of investigators which brings together scholarship and research in ageing in several complementary areas. ARK represents King’s world class excellence for research on the biology of ageing, from the basic mechanisms in biogerontology to clinical translation and the social impact of ageing.The primary purpose of ARK is to enhance multidisciplinary research collaborations within King’s to better understand the mechanisms of ageing and improving health-span. As ageing consists of complex systems at the level of biology, psychology and society, in order to understand the processes of ageing and the nature of old age itself, it is important to bring together learning and research from a number of key disciplines.


Aging Analytics Agency

Aging Analytics Agency is a subsidiary of Deep Knowledge Ventures, working with a consortium of organizations including the Biogerontology Research FoundationDeep Knowledge Life Sciences, Deep Knowledge Analytics and Longevity.International.  It is dedicated to the production of state-of-the-art industry analytical reports on the topics of Longevity, Personalized & Preventive Medicine, and the convergence of technologies such as AI, Blockchain, Digital Health and their impact on the healthcare industry.  Recent reports include Global Longevity Industry Landscape Overview “The Science of Longevity”, and “The Business of Longevity”, as well as a special case-study, Longevity Industry in the UK Landscape Overview.


Collider Health

Collider Health is a health innovation engine that works with industry, government, start-ups, third sector and investors to accelerate innovation and transform health with sustainable impact at scale.  The firm builds ecosystems and strategic partnerships to create sustainable impact at scale. Current projects include building the AI ecosystem for the NHS as part of the National AHSN & NHS X AI Programme and working with leading health insurer AXA-PPP on their Health Tech & You programme to support transformational technologies and preventative health innovations that consumers can trust.


Future Care Capital

Future Care Capital (FCC) is a charity aiming to facilitate and stimulate a national debate around health and social care provision. As a provider of insight and analysis, FCC uses campaigns, policy papers and a supporting programme of events to inform public policy. FCC also has a keen interest in how technology can transform health and social care outcomes, a focus of its policy activities and wider partnership work.  Alongside policy and advocacy work, FCC aims to support innovative ventures, acting as a specialist start-up funder and investor through its separate Innovation Fund. This venture capital fund (FCC Ventures) is a subsidiary of FCC and is currently fundraising. The Fund will invest in early stage high-tech health and care companies; the long-term vision is to create an evergreen fund. The overarching philosophy of the Fund is to drive positive societal benefit and its key focus areas are: digital health, assisted living, services (with a high tech, high growth angle) and Class I medical devices (the least invasive). FCC believes that focused investment in these areas can, if targeted effectively, work across traditional boundaries to deliver improved health and social care outcomes.


Age Tech & Longevity Accelerator, Innovation Warehouse

Innovation Warehouse was founded in 2010 as a community for digital high-growth start-ups in London. The idea was brought to life by a group of entrepreneurs and angel investors with significant experience and a proven track record of working with start-ups. Innovation Warehouse houses one of the UK’s leading AgeTech and Longevity Hubs and provides support to over 200 entrepreneurs, angels and mentors.  Through their partnerships with organisations such as Aging2.0, academic, commercial and medical bodies, and network of active investors the Hub assists early stage businesses in AI, Genomics, IoT, Data, Robotics, FinTech, E-Commerce, Ageless Design, HealthTech and Wearables.  Typical investment sizes range between £150k – £500k.