Longevity International is a social enterprise bringing together start-ups, industry, academic and governmental stakeholders under one umbrella to provide a unified voice and coordinating vehicle for positive discourse and change to ensure the ‘longevity dividend’ is accessible to everyone.

Core Team

Longevity International includes the following members:


Dmitry Kaminskiy

Co-Founder, Head of International Development

Tina Woods use.jpg

Tina Woods

CEO & Co-Founder


Eric Kihlstrom

Head of Industry Collaboration


5-year goals

Our long term ambition is as follows:

  • Develop and implement a National Strategy for Longevity in the UK working with the APPG for Longevity, providing evidence and recommendations on the development and distribution of the ‘longevity dividend’ for society;

  • Act as the coordinating hub for international development and distribution of the ‘longevity dividend’, encompassing Asia, Africa, North & South America, Middle East and Europe (including Israel);

  • Become the leading global hub for entrepreneurship, scientific and knowledge exchange and policy development to democratise access to the ‘longevity dividend’ worldwide- addressing scientific research, health technology, social impact of ageing (including workforce) and professional education & lifelong learning arising from the’ 100-year life’.

Geographic Focus

Our first geographic focus is the United Kingdom. The UK is a global leader in life sciences, financial services, and technology and the UK Government has made substantial economic and policy commitments in the area of healthy ageing.  The UK Industrial Strategy is focussing on the Ageing Society as one of its Four Grand Challenges, intersecting with the other three in Artificial Intelligence, Clean Growth and Mobility, to drive Britain’s technological leadership on the global stage post-Brexit.  In order to harness the benefits of longevity, a positive narrative and a bold vision is needed to excite the business community, convince policy makers and convert hearts and minds in the wider public to leverage the opportunities of a longer life and maximise the health and wealth of the nation.